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At uDirect IRA Services, the investments in your retirement account can be self-directed by "U". Most IRAs are typically invested in stocks, bonds and mutual funds. With a self-directed IRA from "uDirect", as the name implies, you make the investment choices. The types of investments are almost limitless. With the self- directed IRA account, "uDirect" acts simply as an independent administrator handling the investment transactions which you dictate.

With the help of "uDirect" you can invest your retirement dollars in non-traditional investments including: Real estate, private placements, trust deeds, oil-gas-energy and thinly traded or limited offering investments, both public and private.

The Self-Directed choice for a truly Self-Directed IRA


No one cares more about your retirement than "U"!
With a Self-Directed IRA... YOU Make ALL the Choices!

"Self-Directed" means you or your investment advisor make all the buy and sell decisions. We only engage in investments, transactions and sell orders which you or your investment advisor dictate to us. For a large number of people the self directed approach makes the most sense because you aren't locked into the narrow choices and self serving interests of a mutual fund, bank, brokerage or life insurance company custodian. Take the reins and direct your own retirement future today!  Give us a call and ask us how at (866) 538-3539.




Fraud Awareness

Here are some helpful resources:

800 732 0330 The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is dedicated to helping Americans protect their investments.

202 737 0900 The North American Securities Administrators’ Association (NASAA) provides information on investor education.

301 590 6500 The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has an “Investor” section on Smart Investing.

888 687 2277 American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) includes a section on scams, fraud and consumer protection.